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Eduardo De Simone SeniorEduardo De Simone Sr


We are in 1954. The chronicles tell of an Italy still deeply marked by war wounds, but with a renewed desire for life and carefree.

Just in that year, television began to transmit the first black and white images, radically changing the uses, customs and desires of Italians.

Thanks to a process of urbanization and industrialization, the economy begins a new course which will be remembered in history as "the years of the economic miracle".

It is in this scenario that Eduardo De Simone senior founded Edesimin Naples , the heart of a four-generation family tradition.

So much has changed since that distant 1896 when his father Vincenzo opened his tailoring shop in San Felice a Cancello (CE). 

Eduardo De Simone SeniorCarmela and Eduardo Sr

The modern corporate approach of Eduardo Sr, assisted over the years by the takeover of his sons Vincenzo, Michele and Rino, and by the tireless work of his wife Carmela, will be the basis of the evolutionary process that will lead Edesim to produce for important luxury brands in international level for four decades, until the mid-1990s.

Enzo, Rino and Michele De Simone Enzo, Rino and Michele

In the new millennium another fundamental chapter emerges. In 2006, in fact, the story of Eduardo Jr. begins, the same name and same temperament as the grandfather who made Edesim great .   

Strengthened by the inherited competence and with a wealth of experience gained around the world on which he can count, Eduardo feels the need to honor De Simone's history.

A challenge with its roots leads him to put the historic family business back on its feet, now stalled, starting from scratch.

A bet more than a challenge, because this time it's not just Edesim industrial production that starts again.

The visionary nature combined with the great passion for the ancient Neapolitan sartorial tradition are the triggering factors that give life to jackets and suits for the contemporary business men.

"My concept of tailoring is based on an organizational / entrepreneurial mark at the service of tailoring", that is the inspiration to create the everyday suit, where the value of the garment is given by the entirely handmade manufacturing having care for the final cost of the garment. The right quality at the right price.

The good relationship established with his working staff and the enthusiasm with which he works in tailoring, highlight Eduardo's human as well as entrepreneurial skills. 

Eduardo De Simone Junior

Eduardo De Simone Jr

Eduardo De Simone's jacket is recognizable at first glance. It has its own well-defined identity.

It is strong in a solid Neapolitan tradition but it is not a slave to it.

The use of light canvases, the line of the collar and the softness of the lines -characterizing the DNA of the Neapolitan school-, combined with a taste that takes inspiration beyond the borders of the peninsula, give it a international contemporaneity.

The Eduardo's work today represents a melting pot between tradition and modernity where history is not synonymous with anachronism but, on the contrary, represents a fundamental element of continuous evolution.

This is a value, for Made in Naples in particular, to be exploited and adapted to the present.

Present that like never before, he strongly feels the need to rediscover.