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Three Business Suits for Spring Summer 2021

Elegance and style also at work In the last article we talked about our new trousers' collection "Zed", which consists of three styles of denim trousers with different shapes and styles. Today we will reveal a brand new collection that features three suits of business suits. Dressing appropriately for the workplace can be difficult for some men. Too much formality can be exaggerated, as much as casual combinations can be considered unfit for important business meetings. The ability must always be to wear, first of all, combinations that are appropriate to the formality required by the workplace and that make us feel at ease, without ever forgetting those few but simple style rules that must be respected especially in non-private contexts....

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Gabardine fabric: history and details of our new collection

The Zero jacket made from Gabardine fabric In the last article, we talked about seersucker fabric. Today, we want to present to you, the gabardine or gabardina, as we call it in Italian. It is the fabric par excellence for mid-season. Together with the Solaro or the wool-silk, they make outfits fresh with their warm colors. We must not be caught unprepared, also because, with this fabric synonymous with sun and days in the open air, we have created a new capsule collection: the Zero.   What is gabardine fabric? Zero capsule collection by Eduardo De Simone How and when to wear gabardine fabric? Inspiration: from Victo Laszlo to Marcello Mastroianni   What is gabardine fabric? The name "gabardine" derives...

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