Three Business Suits for Spring Summer 2021

business suit pisntripe eduardo de simone

Elegance and style also at work

In the last article we talked about our new trousers' collection "Zed", which consists of three styles of denim trousers with different shapes and styles. Today we will reveal a brand new collection that features three suits of business suits.

Dressing appropriately for the workplace can be difficult for some men. Too much formality can be exaggerated, as much as casual combinations can be considered unfit for important business meetings. The ability must always be to wear, first of all, combinations that are appropriate to the formality required by the workplace and that make us feel at ease, without ever forgetting those few but simple style rules that must be respected especially in non-private contexts.


  • Eduardo de Simone's Spring Business Suits
  • When and how to wear the new collection
  • Which accessories to match?

 business suit navy blue eduardo de simone

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Eduardo de Simone's Spring Business Suits

In detail, the new collection of work clothes is divided into:

- Grey Pinstripe

- Navy Blue Suit

- Tobacco-colored gabardine Suit

The suits feature single-breasted jackets, with two buttons, traditional lapels, and jetted pockets without flaps. The weight of the cloths is between 200 and 220 grams per meter, ideal for a spring-summer climate. These suits fully express the quality and style of handmade clothing made in Napoli.

business suit brown gabardine eduardo de simone

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When and how to wear the new collection

The grey pinstripe is the classic business suit par excellence and has been cut from Super 130’s wool. In particular, the pinstripe width is 1,5 cm for a classic and timeless look. It is certainly suitable for important meetings, where a certain formality is required.

The second set of the new collection is the iconic blue suit, a passe-partout, suitable for both formal and non-formal occasions. Surely it is a suit that can be used for a business trip, but also for formal evening meetings.

For both suits, a 130’s wool was used: according to the Bradford Chart, "130" is the number of hanks of yarn that can be made from 1 pound of raw material of the same finesse. The number indicates the softness and quality of the fabric. 

And last but not least the tobacco-colored wool gabardine suit. We talked about gabardine in the article dedicated to the collection "The Zero". Despite the British motto "never brown in town", it is ok today to wear brown at the office in Italy, especially in its café au lait lighter shade. The gabardine suit is ideal to wear on Fridays, to transform a day suit with a shirt into a casual outfit with a Sartorial Polo Shirt.

 Pintstripe Business Suit Eduardo De Simone

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Which accessories to match?

Since these are work suits, the accessories that can be combined are:

 - a tie if the formality of the occasion requires it;

- a Pocket Square with a subtle and not too eccentric pattern;

 - Made in Italy Sunglasses;

- Penny Loafers or Derbies