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February 18, 2021 2 min read

Last week we wrote an article about the tuxedo as a wedding look and its do's and dont's. Today we would like to address a solution that is mostyle favoured among Italian grooms: the solid blue or mid-grey suit.


The classic blue or grey suit

The classic blue suit for a wedding is the most loved and used in Italy, especially in the South. Thanks to the color, cobalt blue or night blue, any type of complexion is enhanced. The classic blue suit represents the idea of ​​elegance, in full Eduardo de Simone style, and is the symbol par excellence of the handmade clothing, made in Napoli. It is a versatile choice that can easily have a second life (we'll tell you how soon!).

Details of the blue or grey suit for a wedding

  • the choice of the fabric of the suit is essential to obtain the desired effect. We recommend worsted wools not too fine so as to avoid wrinkles. One of the most used fabrics in summer is kid mohair, which gives it that right touch of sheen. Avoid only silk, it would give the suit a too shiny effect;
  • the Jacket is recommended single-breasted rather than a double-breasted one (more for business) with peak lapels, a button on the front and without side vents. After the ceremony, you can ask the tailor to readjust the jacket for informal use. How? By adding the side vents and two buttonholes;
  • Shirt must be white, with an Italian collar and cufflinks;
  • Tie must be made of silk and the color will be cream or ivory;
  • Trousers must be matched according to the color of the jacket;
  • Oxford shoes without punching on the upper.

Mistakes to avoid when wearing classic blue suit

  • Jacket with side vents;
  • make cuffs on trousers (after the ceremony you can do it with the help of your tailor like the jacket);
  • opt for patent leather shoes

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