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February 07, 2022 2 min read


If last week we covered the difference between a blazer and a sports coat, in today's article we talk about trousers. They are the most worn item of clothing for both men and women. Comfortable, suitable for any type of body, and above all available in many styles. It is precisely of a particular model that we will talk about today: the pleated trousers. But before we get there, let's start with the basics. What is a pleat?

  • The pleats

  • Pleated trousers

  • How to style them?

  • Eduardo De Simone's styles

The pleats

On trousers, it's that tiny tuck of fabric between pocket and fly, which adds an extra inch of material to each leg. The waist is generally narrower than the buttocks, which are wider than the thighs. They are three kinds of pleat: forward (pointing towards the fly, typical of English tailoring), reverse(folded towards the pockets, favored by the Italians) and “a forchetta” which has one side forward and the other reverse. Forward pleats are neater, reverse pleats create a looser shape.


Pleated trousers

Pleated trousers come from a purely sartorial tradition which is where Eduardo De Simone takes inspiration from. Among other things, they got very popular in recent years, from the catwalks of fashion weeks to everyday life. Also because let's face it, tight-fitting pants not only do not enhance the silhouette but in most cases, they are of dubious taste.

How to style them?

Pleats are traditional but versatile. They can be easily combined with a shirt with an Italian collar or a simple white t-shirt with a jacket that matches the color of the trousers, thus playing a sort of casual suit. Or again, since the winter season isn't over yet, let's wear them with a nice turtleneck wool sweater. Or if we like a vintage effect and refined elegance, let's wear forward-pleated trousers with a shirt and a cashmere sleeveless cardigan.

Eduardo De Simone's styles

Always taking inspiration from the sartorial tradition, but with that right touch of contemporaneity, Eduardo De Simone has created collections of pleated trousers that recall the model we have talked about so far. The collections are characterized by the use of refined fabrics, typic of handmade clothing, and colors that reflect the style.

The "Panther" collection is characterized by:

- slim fit
- belt loops
- single reverse pleat
- 3 points buttoned closure

The color and fabric variants of the collection allow us to combine them as we see fit. Corduroy is a fabric that cannot miss in a gentleman’s wardrobe, with the typical colors of the autumn/winter season such as light blue, mud and honey.

Furthermore, since the products are always made in Napoli, the corduroy is supplied by the Neapolitan company Caccioppoli, merchants of highly qualitative fabrics.

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