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February 04, 2021 2 min read


In the last article we talked about the importance of choosing the right trousers and how to buy formal trousers. Now let's face the question that is feared by many men: what should I wear at a wedding? And what color should I choose at a wedding? The shouts of mothers and brides to be are just around the corner, so don't make any mistakes. There are few simple rules to put into practice that, once learnt, will make you create the perfect outfit for your wedding.

Three choices: tight, smoking and classic blue suit

As always, we start from the assumption that clothing must be chosen according to the season and the location of the wedding. A beach wedding in Miami is different from one that is celebrated in the Chianti countryside or in a small church on the Amalfi Coast. But let's not get confused with too many alternatives, you can wear three types of suits to a wedding: the tight, the smokingand the classic blue or medium grey suit. Let's see together what is a wedding suit and how to combine all the elements that compose it.

The tight

The tightis the most formal suit that can be worn for a ceremony. It is often chosen by both the groom and his best men and / or group of closest friends. Of British origin, the Tight is also called "Morning Suit" as it is worn during the day, as well as for weddings, also for many public ceremonies and for all occasions involving a Royal Family.

The features of a morning suit

  • Jacket: single-breasted jacket in dark grey with one button on the front, peak lapels, chest pocket and long tail on the back;
  • Trousers: pinstriped with no turn-ups
  • Shirt: white with an Italian collar and double cuffs with cufflinks;
  • Vest: normally in a contrasting color, (e.g. a creamy white);
  • Tie: must be made of silk and is the colored accessory of the suit; you can go for solid colours or dare with micro-patterns;
  • Shoes: you can never go wrong with a pair of well-polished plain Oxfords or Wholecuts, an evergreen.

What are the mistakes to avoid when wearing a Tight?

  • do not wear it for evening ceremonies;
  • do not choose a shirt with a French collar;
  • do not forget the vest;
  • do not opt for patent leather shoes
  • do not have your tailor add turn-ups to the trousers

Next week we will examine the tuxedo, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when the article drops out.

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