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April 08, 2021 3 min read


With the warm days ahead of us, the wardrobe changes its appearance. In fact, not only are the colors more lively and varied but also the fabrics change. Seersucker is a summer fabric and the main character of our new Manhattan collection.

  • What is Seersucker Fabric?
  • Manhattan capsule collection by Eduardo De Simone
  • How and when to wear seersucker material?
  • Inspiration: from the Great Gatsby to today

What is seersucker fabric?

The term seersucker derives from Hindi and precisely has its roots in the Sanskrit क्षीरशर्करा (kshirsharkara) and also from the Persian terms shîr (شیر) and shakar (شکر), respectively "milk and sugar". How come, you will think? This oxymoron of consistencies is because the seersucker is striped with different colors, whose texture is irregular. The surface of the fabric alternates rough and soft cotton threads, which gives the seersucker a smooth and irregular aesthetic.

It was exported to Europe in the 18th century, thanks to the English India Company. It was and still is a fabric suitable for a warm and mild climate, which is why it was used to make men's suits for rich colonial Europeans when they visited exotic destinations or when they were on a Grand Tour in Italy. It was particularly successful in the United States, especially in New York, becoming in the early 1920s a very popular fabric in Long Island environments, for the most popular daytime events throughout the city. Surely the seersucker has kept its purely informal and sporty character. It can be both in wool and in cotton, and the most popular colors are blue and white, reddish-purple and white, pink and white, moss green and white.


Manhattan Capsule Collection by Eduardo De Simone

The seersucker can be made eithe rof cotton or wool. The cotton version has been chosen for our new capsule collection "Manhattan", always putting quality and excellence of handmade clothing first.

The jackets feature:

- unlined and soft construction

- single-breasted buttoning 

- notch lapel

- patch pockets 

How and when to wear seersucker material?

In addition to the seersucker jacket, seersucker pants and shirts are also typical, always in striped patterns or solid colours. Garments of this kind are recommended for informal events in the open air, such as aperitifs or brunches, typical of the summer season. Better to avoid them at events such as weddings or gala dinners. The most popular shades of seersucker are blue and white, or reddish-purple and white. A seersucker cotton jacket like the Manhattan can be paired with a classic white shirt, navy chinos, or jeans (strictly not ripped). For the bravest who want to dare a little and can't wear a shirt in the summer, the seersucker jacket could also be combined with a classic polo shirt. But we trust in your good taste. 

Inspiration: from the Great Gatsby to today

A guaranteed model of elegance and style is surely Mr. Jay Gatsby, the most beloved and iconic character of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's pen from the novel "The Great Gatsby''. The American writer describes Mr. Gatsby's wardrobe in detail, like the type of fabrics of the suits he wears. In 2013 film "The Great Gatsby'' directed by Baz Luhrmann, Leonardo di Caprio plays Jay Gatsby, and the scene in which he wears a pink and white striped seersucker suit is well known, which fully expresses the lively and roaring fashion of the 1920s. The reproduction of the suit is faithful to the reality of those years, thanks to the collaboration for the costumes with a famous American brand, who dug in their historical archives, to create the suit for the character.

The collection will be available as of tomorrow Friday 9th of April. 


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