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April 21, 2021 2 min read


The "Harrington Jacket" is probably one of the most iconic items in the male wardrobe. Loved by the stars, the British icon over time has inspired young generations looking for an informal yet contemporary style. And it is precisely from a reinterpretation of the Harrington Jacket, that we got inspired for our new collection 

  • When was the Harrington Jacket born?
  • The Harrington Jacket by Eduardo De Simone
  • How and when to wear the Harrington Jacket?
  • Inspiration: James Dean, Steve McQueen, and Elvis Presley

When was the Harrington Jacket born?

The hometown of the jacket was Manchester, famous in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries for its textile industries. A famous local company produced waterproof materials that were used by other brands, but by 1930 they began to produce garments in series. The year of the jacket was 1937 when the Millers brothers created the first model called "G9", destined to be renamed Harrington Jacket thirty years later because it was worn in the American soap opera Peyton Place, by Ryan O'Neal (whose character his name was Rodney Harrington). The G9 was born as a golf jacket (the G stands for "golf"), a jacket that guaranteed sufficient mobility on the field of the torso and arms, whilst protecting from the rain thanks to the waterproof canvas. For the inside of the jacket, they used the red and green Fraser tartan. The jacket set off to conquer America in the 1950s, but before landing in Hollywood, it became one of the most coveted garments by wealthy Ivy League college students, who loved having an unconventional style: the preppy style. 

The Harrington Jacket by Eduardo De Simone

The new collection byEduardo de Simone is inspired by the iconic Harrington jacket and consists of:

  • 10oz washed Denim or two-ply VBC fabric
  • Double zip
  • Shirt collar
  • Two welted pockets - one chest patch pocket
  • Buttoned cuff
  • Unlined


For the colors, we played on denim blue and cobalt blue. Also for this capsule collection, the quality and excellence of handmade clothing made in Napolicome out in a disruptive way.



How and when to wear the Harrington Jacket?

Simplicity calls for simplicity, and the Harrington jacket embodies unassuming style. It is youthful, versatile and suitable to be our best ally for every day. It can be combined with:

- white polo shirt, jeans, and ankle boots;

- white shirt, chinos, and moccasins;

- white shirt with forest green cotton sweater, jeans, and sports shoes

Inspiration: James Dean, Steve McQueen, and Elvis Presley

As we said from the beginning, the Miller brothers' jacket had conquered Hollywood, it was intercepted by characters who perfectly embodied its style, obviously adding their quid. James Dean wore it in 1955, for the film that made him famous, "Gioventù Bruciata", creating an iconic outfit: G9 in red, white t-shirt, jeans, and ankle boots. In 1958 it was the turn of Elvis Presley, with the film "La Strada del male". For Steve McQueen, however, the Harrington jacket became a bit like his second skin. He wore it on and off the set, even to be immortalized for the cover of Life in 1963, in a pearl grey version.



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