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April 29, 2021 3 min read

Zed Collection Eduardo De Simone Pleated Denim Trousers Seersucker

In our last article we talked about our Harrington Jackets Collection, inspired by the namesake iconic garment, made in two fabric variants: 10oz washed Denim or two-ply VBC fabric.

Again the 10oz denim is the protagonist of our new Zed collection, online from April 30th, which we want to talk about today. The new capsule consists of three styles of trousers, but obviously with different shapes and styles. Before looking at the upcoming news, let's take a step back in history and clear one of the most common mistakes, which is thinking that denim and jeans are the same fabric. Well, today they might be synonyms but once they were not, at least at the beginning of their story. Let's see together why.


  • When the paths of Denim and Jeans crossed
  • The Zed: Eduardo de Simone's new collection
  • What to match with denim trousers?


When the paths of Denim and Jeans crossed

According to a theory, in the sixteenth century the "Serge De Nîmes" was a blend of wool and silk used to make coats, suits and dresses for the clergy. Soft but warm at the same time. According to another theory, in the seventeenth century in France there was another common fabric: the “Serge de Nim” made of wool. Thanks to commercial exchanges and the rise in popularity of the fabric in England, it seems that the name of the fabric went from Serge de Nîmes to "Denim". 

Meanwhile in Italy, during the ancient splendor of the Maritime Republic of Genoa (16th century), the term "Jeans" was used not only to indicate the city of Genova and therefore the citizens, but it was also written on the specific cotton that was manufactured in Piedmont and exported throughout Europe. It quickly became very popular on the English market for its strength and cost. It was also known as "Tela Genova" and used by the Genoese Navy for officers' clothing.

So denim and jeans are two separate fabrics from birth. Their meeting took place thanks to the commercial exchanges between Europe and America. Here at the end of the 19th century, the textile production of "blue denim jeans" exploded for mine workers, factory workers, who needed resistant clothes, suitable for heavy work. This meant that the two fabrics were confused and absorbed into a single concept. The cut of the trousers had simply been maintained, but the fabric had become Denim.

Zed Collection Eduardo De Simone Denim Flat Front Trousers

The Zed: Eduardo de Simone's new collection

The new Zed collection by Eduardo de Simone features 10oz denim, a pure carded cotton made with white weft and blue warp and a twill weave. In particular, the three models of trousers are:

- flat front, high waist and slightly slim fit;

- one traditional pleat, medium waist and regular fit;

- two forward pleat, medium waist and straight fit; 

All three models feature zip fly, metal buttons, and belt loops. They fully express the precision and attention to details of the handmade clothing made in Napoli by Eduardo De Simone.

Zed Collection Eduardo De Simone Denim Two Forward Pleats Trousers 

What to match with denim trousers?

Denim trousers rhyme with casual coolness and they are widely accepted in many informal contexts. Avoid wearing that for business meetings or formal events. A classic combination for summer is:

- Cotton-linen blend Shirt or Sartorial Polo Shirt

- Zero seersucker sportcoat

- Penny Loafers in dark brown leather

- Made in Italy Sunglasses 

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