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January 17, 2021 2 min read


The Sunrise Capsule Collection comes from three creative minds who came together merging passion and professionalism. It is made up of single-breasted and double-breasted jackets in different colors. The fruitful meeting between three men’s fashion entrepreneurs meant that each of us could insert a key element inside the capsule. How to make a single breasted and double breasted different from the usual?

Alessandro Squarzi found some mattress covers once belonged to the French Army

Alessandro Squarzi is an entrepreneur with more than 200.000 followers on Instagram. A vintage collector, an established stylist, founder and the creative director of “Fortela”. For the Sunrise collection he managed to find a heavy military canvas of the French Army supplies. It is a very rough hemp cloth that soldiers used to cover mattresses. In fact, a doozy of this fabric is that it has been able to maintain the stamp that testifies the belonging to the army, complete with the date: 1958.



Fabio Attanasio curated the style of the jackets

A fabric from the past required an innovative use that would give it a second life. This is where Fabio Attanasio, entrepreneur and author of Scent of Tailoring, enters the scene. Fabio had a clear idea in mind: a jacket that would recall Neapolitan tailoring without being too local. As a proof of this, some typical details like “giromanica a camicia”, boat-shaped breast pocket and the absence of shoulder padding gently merge with details that are not so Neapolitan, like the absence of long darts on the front quarter.

Sunrise Capsule Fabio Attanasio Single breasted jacket


The meeting between the rigidity of the fabric and the lightness of Neapolitan tailoring, the touch of Edesim

We hand-crafted the jackets in Napoli, using full canvas and hand-stitched details. We have been handling fabrics for a long time now, so we only entrusted this cloth to the best suppliers for the dyeing process. It has been softened and dyed with a specific wash and has become perfect for tailoring use. And since every piece of cloth has been dyed before the cut, each jacket will be different form the others, in its unique shade of colour.

Sunrise is entirely made in Naples, but its unusual construction makes it even more special. We decided to go beyond tradition, not abandoning it, but imagining it in new shapes.

The details of the Sunrise Collection

The double-breasted jackets have the following features:

  • Side vents
  • Welted chest pocket and two patch pockets
  • 6x2 buttoning
  • Unlined

The single breasted has the following features:

  • Side vents
  • Welted chest pocket and two patch pockets
  • 3-roll-2 buttoning
  • Unlined

With this collection we are also glad to save vintage fabrics from waste helping somehow the development of a circular economy between suppliers and brands. All this was made possible by combining Alessandro Squarzi’s professionalism and love for vintage, Fabio Attanasio's knowledge and creativity and our desire to look beyond. Thanks to each of us Sunrise will be a showpiece of Edesim.

Sunrise Capsule brown Single breasted Jacket Fabio Attanasio

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