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Gabardine fabric: history and details of our new collection

The Zero jacket made from Gabardine fabric In the last article, we talked about seersucker fabric. Today, we want to present to you, the gabardine or gabardina, as we call it in Italian. It is the fabric par excellence for mid-season. Together with the Solaro or the wool-silk, they make outfits fresh with their warm colors. We must not be caught unprepared, also because, with this fabric synonymous with sun and days in the open air, we have created a new capsule collection: the Zero.   What is gabardine fabric? Zero capsule collection by Eduardo De Simone How and when to wear gabardine fabric? Inspiration: from Victo Laszlo to Marcello Mastroianni   What is gabardine fabric? The name "gabardine" derives...

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Seersucker: the protagonist of the new Manhattan collection

With the warm days ahead of us, the wardrobe changes its appearance. In fact, not only are the colors more lively and varied but also the fabrics change. Seersucker is a summer fabric and the main character of our new Manhattan collection. What is Seersucker Fabric? Manhattan capsule collection by Eduardo De Simone How and when to wear seersucker material? Inspiration: from the Great Gatsby to today What is seersucker fabric? The term seersucker derives from Hindi and precisely has its roots in the Sanskrit क्षीरशर्करा (kshirsharkara) and also from the Persian terms shîr (شیر) and shakar (شکر), respectively "milk and sugar". How come, you will think? This oxymoron of consistencies is because the seersucker is striped with different colors, whose...

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Spezzato: the rules to make it right

The spezzato expresses an unmistakably Italian style. The ability and above all the ease in wearing jacket and trousers of different fabrics and colours is an art. The visual effect can be twofold: pleasant or an eyesore. This is why we are here to give you some tips on how to compose a perfect spezzato. If you are not used to wearing separates, you have to start from the basics, to avoid risking wrong combinations. Classicism and tradition must be mixed with that pinch of flair and creativity, which highlights the silhouette and makes it elegant and not cheap. Jacket, trousers and shirt. How to choose? Let’s get it straight, a spezzato is less formal than a suit. One thing you...

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